Brain-Based Approach

What is the Brain-Based Approach?

Brain-based therapy acknowledges that our brains are experience dependent.  Beginning as early as conception, our brain architecture is being built. For many of us, the experiences of loss or trauma, and many things outside of our control, have resulted in brain architecture that feels more like we have a “fixer upper” brain than a well-designed plan.

The good news is that we can renew, renovate, and remodel our brains! This is due to the amazing capacity of the neural networks within our brains.  Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to rewire neural networks – which is literally the way we remodel our brains and change our lives. Because of this design, we have the capacity to experience resilience, improved mental health, reduced anxiety and depression, signifiant healing in our most important relationships, and recovery from addictions.

Brain-based therapy provides basic education about these powerful brain structures and then building from that understanding, provides hope and tools to transform your life by renewing your mind.

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